Dog Training
& Behaviour

Bespoke 1-2-1 Sessions

What to Expect

We can build a course of classes or work on something specific, to suit you and your dog.

To begin, we will sit down and discuss what your dog can currently do and what you would like to get out of the training.

We want to leave you with methods that suit you and your lifestyle and we want to help you to understand the methods. This will help you to continue the positive training at home and when you are out and about.

Our training ground is outside and we simulate the real world as much as possible. We have wooded areas, birds, hides and scent distractions. This prepares you for real life situations. Particularly for behaviour issues it’s important that we control the environment.

Training can also be arranged at your home, although a small additional cost may apply, which can often be beneficial for you and your dog.

Call or contact me with any questions you may have about your dog, puppy or about our lessons.

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Recall from Distance

It’s very easy to have your dog come back to you when there are no distractions.

We can work on the recall so they will come away from other dogs, dangers and animals.

The more fun you have, the stronger your relationship with your dog and the quicker they return.

The more confidence you gain to let your dog run free, SAFELY, will give you and them more fun and adventures.

Walking with a Loose Lead

The enjoyment of the walk is a huge focus to your dog, the smells and sights are arguably the biggest joy and it’s VERY important to them psychologically.

Dogs tend to want to RUN – rarely in straight lines. We, humans, want to walk – in straight lines!

With a few exercises we can let your dog understand what you want them to do and make walk time a LOT more ENJOYABLE

Every time your dog pulls, he is reinforcing his own behaviour because the pulling sensation is good.

We can easily encourage them that life is easier if they can walk with you.

Be Prepared

Manage Distractions

If your dogs runs after squirrels and rabbits instead of staying calm around you, this can become dangerous and limit where you can go with your dog.

We can show you how to manage this so your dog is having more fun with you than they do with the squirrels, birds and rabbits.

Positive reinforcement, in the right way at the right time, will change the way your dog views the world.

Meeting other Dogs

Dogs are social animals and want to meet other dogs and people.

Sometimes they can become a little too friendly or maybe don’t like the other dog.

This can be stressful for all involved.

We can show you how to manage this and work on good manners, all with positive methods that teach your dog how to be relaxed and enjoy the other dogs company or to return to you.