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The Boys: Ash & Blink

We’ve all begged our parents for sweets, a new toy, a PUPPY! By the age of six I finally got my first puppy.

Fast forward a few years, others were looking to avoid responsibility and enjoy new freedoms in life. I was looking for something more, a different love, an unconditional, faithful, trusting love. Along came The Boys.

We grew up together, we explored together, got into trouble together. Everything we did, every little adventure, the memory was set in stone by our love.

Through my photography I want to capture the soul of your dogs.

Through my training I want to be able to reach out to your dog the way they reached out to other dogs and to me.

Calm, loving, trusting, patient, faithful…I could go on
Bliash is for The Boys, my inspiration, Ash & Blink.

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More Trouble…

Now I spend my time training four dogs, and occasionally my husband.

Phoenix – Cocker Spaniel, is the oldest of the group and the one who constantly walks in my shadow, waiting for the others to leave the room before coming to me for cuddles.

Belton – Cocker Spaniel, is crazy and loves his one to ones training time with me.

Wisdom (Wis) – Flatcoated Retriever, known for not being the easiest to train, but this little girl is proving everyone wrong

Meo – (En Corde Meo, Of my Heart) – English Setter, she loves to run and run, being a setter she covers huge distances on open land.

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