Happy Spaniel

Helen with Jarvis

My first walk with my adopted Cocker Spaniel Jarvis, aged just 1, was a nightmare for us both, he was scared of humans, cars and basically anything that moved, spinning on his lead and backing into the road. I was very concerned for his safety. Over the next few weeks we walked in quieter areas but it was clear to me that I needed to get help for him. Two fellow dog walkers recommended Hannah at BLIASH.

At our first meeting she assessed Jarvis and talked to me about her training methods, which are reward based, our aim was to help him to become more confident in differing and unknown situations, to teach him the basics, lead walking and recall, to help him feel that by my side was the safest place to be. All of this was to be achieved through gaining his love and respect without resorting to some of the ‘tough’ tactics used by some trainers. Of course his safety is paramount and so she explained that at times being more assertive may be necessary, but balanced with praise and love.

I liked her attitude and gentle manner with my boy and so we embarked on his training programme, 12 months on he is now the happy and confident boy that I wanted him to be, he enjoys life and can run off lead, frolic and play with other dogs, he has brilliant recall (well ok, maybe not perfect when there’s another playmate around, he is a stubborn Cocker after all !) The relationship between Jarvis and Hannah is amazing, he has responded so well to her and clearly loves the time he spends with her. I have without hesitation been able to recommend BLIASH to friends.

I should add, that in addition to helping Jarvis, she has also trained me ! I now understand so much more about his needs than I would ever have done without her.

We owe her a huge thank you !